We’ve been providing SMS since 2004. We were one of the first business SMS providers in Oman (and we are proud of that). So whatever your need for SMS – there’s a pretty good chance we’ll have come across it before as it’s a telco service (Omantel)

We will provide your business with the highest quality SMS services at a very low cost. It’s worked for thousands of companies, from small businesses to large ones; serving more than a thousand customers, all big brands to government organizations. We simply promise to help you get the best possible results from SMS.

Who we are...

iSmart SMS is a bouquet of services offered by Infocomm Group LLC in partnership with Oman Telecommunications Company. iSmart SMS is a brand name owned by Infocomm Group LLC.

What we provide…
  • Extremely low bulk SMS prices with no compromises in service
  • Highest standards and quality of technology using our in-house systems – monitored 24/7
  • Unlimited and unrivalled levels of support from our team of technical and marketing professionals
  • What we believe...

    Business SMS services are increasingly seen as a commodity. Buyers are looking for the best tools at the lowest price. We don’t think that reliability should be an additional service for which you have to pay more. The first SMS message sent through our system was in 2004. Millions have followed.

    What are you waiting for...?

    For more information: Call 24151020/ 21 / 24 OR WhatsApp 'Hi' to +96824151020

    For more information: Call 24151020/ 21 / 24 OR WhatsApp 'Hi' to +96824151020