iNteractive Marketing

Giving extra marketing advantage FREE to Omantel’s iBulk SMS customers, Interact with your database and maximize your market advantage!

iSMS Campaign

Add an SMS short code in the ‘Contact Us’ section of your mobile, print or online media advertising and give your customers another channel to contact you. You can see the responses live on your system 24/7 and follow up at your convenience.


Use iSurvey to carry out a survey about your product or service via SMS. Send the iSurvey to your database or to respondents to SMS short codes you’ve placed in your advertising. iSurveys are simple to set up and manage – you can send a single survey question or multiple questions one after the other. Each question includes a ‘respond’ option for the recipient. Use the responses of your iSurvey to help build your database with our FREE interactive Marketing CRM feature. All the details you collect can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel format.


Carry out a fun interactive SMS iQuiz and build your relationship with your customers. iQuizzes are easy to set up and manage. Send the iQuiz to your database or include an iSMS short code in your advertising – you can send the iQuiz to the respondents. With iQuiz you can send a single question or a series of questions and your customers can join in and enter their answers with the built-in response option.

iWinner Management

We even take care of choosing iSurvey and iQuiz winners for you with our impartial winner selection management module. It selects the lucky winner or winners at random from your participants.


This comes Free with the iBulk SMS service click here to subscribe to the iBulk SMS Service.

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  • - iBulk SMS Tariff shall apply to enjoy interactive Marketing CRM features.

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